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How To Make Cities More Resilient A Handbook For Local Government Leaders

This Handbook is designed primarily for local government leaders and policy makers. It seeks to support public policy and decision making so they can implement activities to reduce disaster risk and build resilience. It sets out practical guidance for putting the “Ten Essentials for Making Cities Resilient“,into action. Since the first edition of the Handbook, local governments all over the world have come up with concrete ways to reduce disaster risk and boost resilience. Resilience – as agreed through an intergovernmental process – is “the ability of a system, community or society exposed to hazards to resist, absorb, accommodate, adapt to, transform and recover from the effects of a hazard in a timely and efficient manner.” . There is no one-size-fits-all solution to achieve resilience. Local government actors will determine how these actions apply to their own contexts and capacities. In the urban setting, risk management is an essential part of building resilience. This Handbook showcases the knowledge and expertise of several Campaign cities. It responds to the call for better access to information and knowledge resources, and tools to effectively deal with the impacts of natural hazards and climate change. It provides an overview of key strategies and actions as part of an overall sustainable urban development strategy. The annex to this Handbook contains links to tools, resources, and examples from partner cities. A web-based information platform, where cities and local governments can share their own tools, plans, regulations, and practices complements the Handbook (available at Throughout the Handbook, we refer to “cities” and “local governments.” The approach to resilience, as described, also applies to sub-national administrations of different sizes and levels, including at regional, provincial, and metropolitan, city, municipal, township, and village levels.
Author: Gencer, Ebru
Language: English
Pubished By: UNISDR
Pubished date: 2017

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