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Hurricane Harvey and equitable recovery: Mapping social vulnerability and intensity of wind and flooding from Hurricane Harvey in Texas

In August 2017, Hurricane Harvey delivered a tremendous blow to communities along the Gulf Coast of Texas and Louisiana. While the winds were strong, the flooding was unprecedented: 33 trillion gallons of water fell over the course of several days. As the water recedes, millions of families are reeling from the impact on homes, businesses, schools, and houses of worship. Flooding leaves behind debris, water damage, chemicals, mold, and more. Recovery efforts may take years. Any disaster has the most devastating impact on the most vulnerable people. Indeed, Harvey hit neighborhoods with vulnerable populations especially hard. The maps in this document illustrate where the storm affected communities, down to the census tract level.
Author: Oxfam America
Language: English
Pubished By: Oxfam America
Pubished date: 2017

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