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Hydrodynamic modeling for identifying flood vulnerability zones in lower Damodar river of eastern India

The identification of flood vulnerability zone is very essential to minimize the damage associated with the flood. The present study adopted the Hydrodynamic modeling technique for the identification of flood vulnerability zones in lower Damodar river of eastern India. Preprocessing of data and preparation of various input geometry data (river network, bank line) for the hydrodynamic model were done in an ArcGIS environment with the help of high resolution satellite imagery and field survey. Model was calibrated for the Manning’s coefficient of roughness (n) and validated with ground data and field photographs high-resolution, the efficiency of the model was estimated by the index of agreement “d” which clearly shows good agreement between model data and observed data. Based on the model output flooding hotspots were demarcated. It was observed that areas downstream to the bifurcation point of the Damodar river are more vulnerable to flooding.
Author: Kumar Singh, R.; et al.
Language: English
Pubished By: Ain Shams Engineering Journal
Pubished date: 2020

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