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Hydrodynamic modelling for flood reduction and climate resilient infrastructure development pathways in Jakarta

Various information on the CTCN Technology transfer in Jakarta. Including learnings, full report, policy brief, audio visual and impact report. Jakarta is increasingly threatened by flooding due to a combination of rising sea levels, land subsidence, and higher river levels due to extreme weather. Government agencies need to identify areas at risk, as well as proven flood prevention policies and technologies for urban areas. The Jakarta Research Council, on behalf of the Provincial Government of Jakarta, requested support in building the capacity of stakeholders and decision makers with regard to flood management, as well as to evaluate the best technologies and methods for flood reduction and climate resiliant infrastructure in Jakarta. CTCN responded by undertaking: - Flood hazard mapping - Flood forecasting systems - Hydrological modelling The results: - A hydrodynamic flood model was developed and tailored for Jakarta in the context of climate change. - Local capacity in high resolution hydrodynamic modelling and use of the model was increased through capacity building. - Resultant policy and planning recommendations were developed with the aim of reducing flood hazards, risk and vulnerability of affected populations, including socio-economic considerations. - A proposal for upscaling of the pilot was developed, potential funders identified, and funding meetings conducted. These resulted in anticipated financial support of USD 5 million through bilateral funding for upscaling the technological approach to other polder areas in Jakarta.
Author: Climate Technology Centre and Network
Language: English
Pubished By: Climate Technology Centre and Network
Pubished date: 2017

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