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Identifying critical risk factors and responses of river dredging projects for knowledge management within organisation

This study addresses dredging as one of the methods that is most commonly adopted by the Taiwan Water Resources Agency (WRA) to ensure the smooth flow of rivers and their ability to discharge water, protecting lives and property from flood disasters. The paper identifies critical risk factors and ranks them. Thereby, it aims to help dredging engineers with risk management in the future. Research results demonstrate that most of the engineering management experience in practice is communicated by word of mouth, with no effective and systematic method of knowledge management. Therefore, a knowledge-based system is created, covering 170 risk events and solutions for various dredging projects, and a graphical user information system is built in a programming language, to enable the WRA to save engineering experience systematically for future exploitation.
Author: Chou, Jin Seng; Chiu, Ying-Chen
Language: English
Pubished By: WILEY- Journal of Flood Risk Management
Pubished date: October 2020

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