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Increasing resilience to natural disasters with cash-based interventions: lessons learned and best practices from cash transfer programming in response to Typhoon Damrey in Vietnam

This study identifies lessons learned on cash transfer programs in Vietnam in response to Typhoon Damrey. CRS interviewed 20 key informants, and surveyed 8 organizations using an online questionnaire. Respondents included humanitarian actors from international nongovernmental organizations, UN agencies, the Red Cross movement, government representatives and financial service providers. CRS undertook a secondary study to draw on a significant number of reports, studies, after action reviews, data analyses and articles. The team then triangulated the survey results with the interviews at the national and sub‑national levels, the focus group discussions, and the secondary data. Unless otherwise stated, the findings included in this report reflect common trends and perceptions from across the different data sources.
Author: Catholic Relief Services; START Network
Language: English
Pubished By: The Seep Network
Pubished date: 2018

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