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Indice capitulo 7 : estudio de impacto ambiental

The development objective of the parent project is to strengthen the resilience of local ecosystems and economies to the impacts of glaciers retreat in the Tropical Andes, through the implementation of specific pilot adaptation activities that illustrate the costs and benefits of adaptation. The Additional Financing operation, however, will help finance the costs associated with Peru's efforts to better characterize the high mountain ecosystems associated to glacier retreat, and to prepare comprehensive guidelines that serve as basis for future adaptation initiatives in high mountain areas of Peru and other neighboring countries. It does not involve any on-the-ground interventions and thus it does not imply any modification of the original safeguard instruments of the parent project. No major adverse environmental impacts are anticipated. Minor environmental impacts may be expected from some on-the-ground investments. The project is designed to be entirely positive from an environmental point of view, particularly by protecting vulnerable ecosystems from the impact of GCC. Some expected direct positive impacts include: (i) reduced vulnerability of the high mountain ecosystems in the immediate vicinity of the pilot measures; (ii) reduced uncertainty of impacts of GCC; (iii) mitigation of impacts of unsustainable agricultural practices, and development and implementation of sustainable alternatives; (iv) reduced vulnerability of and planning and management of water supply in selected urban areas; and (v) increased public awareness of adaptation needs and increased social and institutional capacity to manage the ecosystems.
Author: World Bank
Language: Spanish
Pubished By: World Bank
Pubished date: 2009

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