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Insuring Flood Risk in Asia High-Growth Markets

The Geneva Association is publishing this report, focusing on flooding, arguably Asia biggest and most complex exposure in the long run. The study addresses the following key questions: What is the regional and global relevance of underinsured flood risks in Asia high-growth markets?, What are the specific root causes of the Asian flood insurance protection gap?, What can insurers and governments do to close the gap, be it through traditional or innovative means?, In light of abundantly available global insurance capacity, an accelerating pace of product innovation and a greater willingness of insurers and governments to collaborate, there is a real opportunity to effectively address the Asian flood insurance protection gap, alongside other major underinsured exposures. Through this publication and its regular work on related topics, The Geneva Association hopes to encourage decision-makers to seize this opportunity.
Author: The Geneva Association
Language: English
Pubished By: The Geneva Association
Pubished date: 2015

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