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Integrated Flood Risk Management in Asia

This Primer on Integrated Flood Risk Management in Asia is intended to gather together and thereby share the advances in knowledge and experience gained in flood risk management since 1990. There is a gradual shift away from dealing with floods as a stand-alone or one-off event to managing it as part of an integrated water system within a watershed. Current research and literature, partnerships and collaborations, and formation of networks reflect this integrated approach. However, the region lacks a comprehensive resource and reference document for practitioners and professionals, which addresses the complexity of the flood environment in Asia. This hazard specific Primer is a comprehensive, practical and updated resource on flood risk management. The main goal is to advocate for a common understanding regarding the need to acknowledge that flood risks must be managed as part of an integrated watershed management system. The Primer aims to: Present concepts of integrated flood risk management and the important issues, considerations and limitations faced when implementing risk reduction activities and actions. Serve as a guide, reference and resource on current good practices in flood risk management in Asia. Advocate and provide options for considering an integrated flood risk management approach. Provide a process driven approach to each component of flood risk management as part of an integrated disaster risk management cycle. Contribute to current trends of integrating risk management into the development process.
Author: Mr. NMSI Arambepola; Mr. Rajesh Sharma; Dr. Buddhi Weerasinghe; Ms. Wei Choong; Ms. Clarence Carlos; Ms. Lekha Ratnayake
Language: English
Pubished By: Asian Disaster Preparedness Center
Pubished date: 2005

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