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Just add water: a landscape analysis of climate finance for water

This landscape analysis of climate finance for water programmes will help us establish where donors and national governments need to consider re-prioritising climate investment, and look at what barriers we need to break through to unlock much-needed investment. The findings in the report demonstrate what we already know from our work on the ground – that, despite the climate crisis playing out before our eyes, from flooding in Pakistan to droughts in Zambia, the world is neither prepared nor responding with necessary urgency. Vulnerable communities, who have no carbon emissions to speak of, are in vital need of climate support, and yet, out of global climate finance, only 5% is currently allocated for adapting to climate change – roughly US$30 billion per year.
Author: Mason, N.; Pickard, S.; Watson, C.; Klanten, B.; Calow, R.
Language: English
Pubished By: ODI; Water Aid
Pubished date: October 2020

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