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Key Learnings and Recommendations for creating Local Disaster and Climate Resilience Plans

Nepal has recently transitioned to a federalist structure with seven provinces and 753 municipalities covering urban and rural areas. Local governments now hold significant responsibility for decision-making and service delivery. In this context, municipalities also have the authority and responsibility to plan for disasters and climate change, which had been done at the district and national levels. Mercy Corps Nepal supported three municipalities of Bhajani in Kailali; Laljhadi in Kanchanpur; and Dilashaini in Baitadi District; to develop their Local Disaster and Climate Resilience Plans (LDCRP) adopting the LDCRP Guideline (Draft 2017), which is an emerging element of the Local Disaster Risk Management Plans (LDRMP) and Local Adaptation Plans of Action (LAPA). Through this process, we have identified key challenges and recommendations for the LDCRP national guidelines, which are currently under amendment by the Ministry of Federal Affairs and General Administration.
Author: Mercy Corps Nepal
Language: English
Pubished By: Mercy Corps Nepal
Pubished date: November 2019

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