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Knowledge matters – Community resilience: experiences and learning

This edition of Knowledge Matters focuses on Concern’s experience in building the resilience of vulnerable people across some of their most challenging programme contexts. Building community resilience is central to Concern’s core mission to save lives and end extreme poverty, and they have committed to scale up our community resilience programming significantly by 2020. To do this, they have had to more clearly define what Concern means by community resilience, decide where they will focus their efforts, and identify what learning they can build on and share. This 20th edition of Knowledge Matters attempts to do just that. The issue starts with an overview of how Concern Understands Community Resilience and goes on to share learning emerging from their programmes across the drylands of the Sahel and East Africa including Chad, Sudan, Niger, Kenya and Somalia as well as the more flood and earthquake-affected areas of Pakistan and Afghanistan. It shares new programme models and tools being used by Concern such as the Community-based Management of Acute Malnutrition Surge Approach and the Flood Resilience Measurement Tool. Of particular note is the submission titled Building Resilience to Floods: Using the Flood Resilience Measurement Tool in Afghanistan (page 41). This article details how Concern’s programmes in Afghanistan support communities to improve their livelihoods, access to water and sanitation, education and promoting disaster risk reduction. In 2015, Concern applied to join the Zurich Flood Resilience Alliance and received funding to start a new project to promote resilience to floods among communities in two districts.1 As part of this project, Concern piloted a Flood Resilience Measurement Tool developed by the Alliance, and has used the insights generated by the tool to design and implement flood resilience interventions. This article describes the tool and discusses Concern’s experience of its application in Afghanistan.
Author: Concern Worldwide
Language: English
Pubished By: Concern Worldwide
Pubished date: December 2017

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