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Landscape Analysis Report on Innovation for Disaster Risk Management in Asia

T he overall goal of this study is to map and draw on key learnings from existing innovation initiatives at global, regional, and country levels to determine the scope of potential future innovation-related APP activities for DRM. By studying existing literature and practices related to innovation, the objectives of this landscape analysis study are as follows: - Synthesize current definitions of innovation in the context of DRM by drawing on experiences from relevant humanitarian and development partners at the global, regional and country levels; - Propose a working definition of innovation for DRM that is consistent with APP’s approach for locally-led DRM actions; - Map existing initiatives (including good practices, challenges, and limitations) and potential entry points for facilitating innovative practices in the Asia region, with a focus on the APP countries; and - Identify key recommendations through which APP can assume a facilitating role for identifying and nurturing innovations, as well as establishing dissemination mechanisms for innovative approaches for locally-led DRM actions and practices in the region.
Language: English
Pubished By: Asian Preparedness Partnership (APP)
Pubished date: 2021

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