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Manual for Mock Flood Response Exercise with Early Warning System

This booklet gives guidelines about mock flood exercises for flood response based on early warning systems. These guidelines have been prepared based on the experience and learning of carrying out mock flood exercises in communities for almost a decade. Mock exercises enhance the capacity of communities and humanitarian actors alike, thereby reducing the loss of life and property significantly. Practical Action works on flood early warning systesm in collaboration with organizations such as the Nepal Red Cross Society, government bodies, and non-governmental organisations (NGOs). This publication assists actors and facilitators to develop their skills and facilitate such exercises to enhance community resilience. It is necessary to contextualize the steps, process and scenarios based on local hazards, vulnerability, risks and available capacity in terms of tools and equipment. However, the steps and processes mentioned herein will be useful to all actors and facilitators. A Nepali translation version is also available.

Practical Action

Language: English
Published By: Practical Action
Published date: 2016

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