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Missing Voices: Experiences of floods and early warning from marginalized women in Nepal and Peru

This report documents first person experiences of flood, disaster risk and early warning of vulnerable and marginalised women in Peru and Nepal. We capture the perspectives of marginalised women including those who are elderly, those with disabilities, single mothers, transgender women, women who were pregnant or with young babies at the time of flooding, and women with visual impairments. Further details on the methodology (and recommendations for including vulnerable and marginalised groups in research) can be found below. For wider analysis and recommendations on gender transformative early warning systems, please see Gender Transformative Early Warning Systems: Experiences from Nepal and Peru, Brown et al., 2019. (

Brown, Sarah; Budimir, Mirianna; Lau, David; Nizama, Jenny; Ordonez, Miluska; Sneddon, Alison; Crawford Upadhyay, Sujana

Language: English
Published By: Practical Action
Published date: 2019

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