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Mitigation Saves: Mitigation Saves up to $13 per $1 Invested

U.S. disaster losses from wind, floods, earthquakes, and fires now average $100 billion per year, and in 2017 exceeded $300 billion—25% of the $1.3 trillion building value put in place that year. Fortunately, there are affordable and highly cost-effective strategies that policymakers, building owners, and the building industry can deploy to reduce these impacts. These strategies include adopting and strengthening building codes, upgrading existing buildings, and improving utilities and transportation systems. The benefits and costs associated with these mitigation measures have been identified through the most exhaustive benefit-cost analysis of natural hazard mitigation to date and documented in Natural Hazard Mitigation Saves. This fact sheet summarizes the study findings and significant savings associated with various mitigation measures.
Author: National Institute of Building Societies (NIBS)
Language: English
Pubished By: NIBS
Pubished date: 2021

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