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National Climate Change Policy, 2076 (2019) of Nepal- English

Climate Change is a serious problem emerging at global level. Poor and developing countries like Nepal are affected more compared to rich and developed ones.Despite its negligible contribution to total global emissions of green houses, Nepal is one of the countries that as high risks of adverse effects of climate change. The negative effects of climate change have been directly experienced in forest and biodiversity, energy, human health, tourism, habitation, infrastructure development as well as in the areas of livelihood, while there has been huge loss of lives and property due to climate induced disasters such as flood, landslide, and windstorm and wild fire every year. Against this backdrop, this National Climate Change Policy, 2019 has been introduced with the objective of providing policy guidance to various levels and thematic areas towards developing a resilient society by reducing the risk of climate change impacts.
Language: English
Pubished By: Ministry of Forest & Environment
Pubished date: February 2020

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