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National Disaster Response Framework (NDRF)

Relief work following a major disaster in Nepal has been guided by the Natural Calamiry Relief Act 1982. The National Strategy on Disaster Risk Management provides a strategic direction in covering all phases of the disaster management cycle. The National Disasier Response Framework has been prepared for the effective coordination and implementation of disaster preparedness and response activities by developing a National Disastei Response plan that clarifies the roles and responsibilities of Government and Non Government asencies involved in disaster risk management in Nepal. The main purpose of this framework is to develop a clear, concise and comprehensive national disaster response liamework for Nepal that can guide a more effictive and coordinated national response in case ofa large scale disaster. National Disaster Response means "actions taken immediately before, during and after the disasters, or directly to save lives and property; maintain law and order; care for sick, injured and vulnerable people; provide essential services (lifeline utilities, food, shelter, public information and media); and protect public property". The scope of this framework is limited to preparedness and emergency response at national, regional, district and VDC/local level.
Language: English
Pubished By: Ministry of Home Affairs
Pubished date: July 2013

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