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Natural Hazard Retrofit Program Toolkit

Protecting our communities from natural hazards is increasingly important in the United States. When flooding, seismic events, wildfires, hurricanes, typhoons and other events strike, we must ensure that our buildings and homes can withstand these forces as much as possible. Retrofitting structures is one way to save lives and prevent widespread damage to property and the economy. FEMA Region 9 created this Natural Hazard Retrofit Program Toolkit to help state, local, tribal and territorial jurisdictions shape a retrofit program that meets their specific needs. As each community is unique and faces different hazards, a building retrofit program must be tailored accordingly. While this toolkit outlines each section step by step, you will likely refer to sections as you need them. Each community is different and there is no right way to approach building a retrofit program. The visual on page 3 will help you navigate this document and easily navigate to specific sections when needed.
Author: Witucki, M.; et al.
Language: English
Pubished By: FEMA
Pubished date: 2021

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