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PERU 2017 Risks, Disasters and Reconstruction

In February and March 2017 El Niño Costero phenomenon caused massive floods across Northern Peru. This brochure looks into the management of that emergency - starting by explaining the conditions that created vulnerability in the communities affected. It then goes on to give details of the emergency itself, the current reconstruction activities and the work that Practical Action is doing to support local communities. There are several causes that allowed the disaster caused by El Niño Costero to have affected Peru with such magnitude. Pedro Ferradas, manager of the Risk Management and Adaptation to Climate Change program of Practical Solutions, presents a complete analysis in this brochure in order to better understand the risks, the emergency and the prospects for reconstruction in the north of the country

Soluciones Prácticas

Language: English
Published By: Soluciones Prácticas
Published date: June 2017

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