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Plan para pueblos indigenas en al ambito de la subcuenca del Santa Teresa y zonas aledanas, Region Cusco, Peru. Vol. 1 of Latin America and the Caribbean – Design and Implementation of Pilot Climate Change Adaptation Measures in the Andean Region to the I

The project development objective of the Design and Implementation of Pilot Climate Change Adaptation Measures in the Andean Region to the Impacts from Glacial Melt Project is to support regional efforts to define and implement pilot adaptation measures to meet the anticipated impacts from climate change in the Andean highlands. This Indigenous Peoples Plan (IPP) - Cusco Region, reviews Peru's legal and regulatory framework, decrees and resolutions regarding indigenous populations (IPs), and its socioeconomic conditions, and draws the guidelines / safeguards to protect indigenous populations in and around the project, who may potentially suffer adverse impacts as a result of the project implementation. Recommendations suggest a participatory approach, which includes fostering public awareness and public consultations to ensure indigenous populations are included in the preparation, design, execution and evaluation of project activities; the use of the local language (Quechua) by project staff is necessary for the success of mutual understanding among beneficiaries of the project objectives; establish frequent meeting with beneficiaries to interchange experiences and opinions on progress of the IPP implementation; establish mechanisms for settlement of grievances or disagreement among project staff and beneficiaries; and finally, ensure project benefits to indigenous communities are culturally appropriate and that their quality of life will be improve if not restored to pre-project standards.
Author: World Bank
Language: Spanish
Pubished By: World Bank
Pubished date: 2007

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