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Policy Recommendations for an integrated approach to flood management

No one organisation or member state has the knowledge to develop sustainable solutions for these challenges alone. For this, we use the Multi-LayerEd Safety (MLS) concept as a starting point. The MLS concept is a policy strategy that integrates measures for: protection, prevention, preparedness and recovery. These layers are traditionally managed by different authorities and sectors, but through MLS, the barriers can be lifted if the actors jointly apply the most effective combination of solutions across the layers. The FRAMES partners have been testing the application of MLS in 15 pilot projects across the NSR since 2017, and through this experience have learnt how best to apply each layer of MLS in order to achieve maximum benefits. In this paragraph we will sum up the most important lessons learnt from the FRAMES pilot projects . These lessons learnt can be evidenced with experiences from the pilot projects and form the basis of the policy recommendations in this paper.
Author: Interreg North Sea Region Frames
Language: English
Pubished By: European Regional Development Fund
Pubished date: March 2020

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