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Political economy of 2020 landslides, road construction and disaster risk reduction in Nepal

The causal factors of landslides extend beyond the obvious natural reasons. Thus, it is necessary to understand the political economy context that enlightens the landslide hazards differently. This Political Economy Analysis (PEA) focuses on the drivers of political behaviour, who the main “winners” and “losers” are, and the implications for development strategies, policies, and programs. It unpacks the interests and incentives of different groups while examining the dynamic interactions among social, political, economic, and natural systems. It does so by focusing on 2020 landslide disasters and also looks into historical landslide events, the science behind slope failure, and the nation’s response to landslides. Specifically, it examines the linkage between landslides and road construction in Nepal applying a mixed analysis of technical and political economy perspectives. It is based on a broad literature review of landslides and road construction in Nepal and consultations with key actors.
Author: Dixit, Ajaya; Neupane, Sanchita; Bhandari, Dinanath; Aacharya, Bamshi Kumar
Language: English
Pubished By: Policy and Institution Facility (PIF)
Pubished date: April 2021

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