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Review of gender-responsiveness and disability-inclusion in disaster risk reduction in Asia and the Pacific

This report includes an assessment of the extent to which progress towards the targets of the Sendai Framework has been gender-responsive and disability-inclusive. The guiding research question for the assessment is as follows: how do selected countries in the Asia-Pacific region identify and address diverse needs of disadvantaged groups, characterized by sex, age, and disability, in the context of DRR? By addressing this question, this report creates a baseline to monitor national and regional progress towards gender equality and social inclusion in DRR. The review of national DRR strategies and action plans included 26 countries in Asia and the Pacific and captured how they translate international commitments and recommendations into national DRR frameworks. The review followed the four priorities for action of the Sendai Framework, and it used the Hanoi Recommendations for Action on Gender and Disaster Risk Reduction (2016) as a benchmark for approaches to inclusive DRR in national policies. The review identified main barriers and recommends corresponding actions for inclusive DRR for Asia and the Pacific.
Author: Nguyen, Ha; Pross, Camille; Yi-Chen Han, Jenny
Language: English
Pubished By: UN Women
Pubished date: 2020

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