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Spotlight on social equity, finance and scale Promises and pitfalls of nature-based solutions

Human activity has modified and deteriorated natural ecosystems in ways that reduce resilience and exacerbate environmental and climate problems. Physical measures to protect, manage and restore these ecosystems that also address societal challenges in sustainable ways and bring biodiversity benefits are sometimes referred to as “naturebased solutions” (NbS). For example, reducing deforestation and restoring forests is a major opportunity for climate mitigation, while protecting or restoring coastal habitats can mitigate damage to coastal areas from natural hazard events, in addition to potentially providing co-benefits related to livelihood, recreation, and biodiversity.
Author: Barquet, Karina; Leander, Erin; Green, Jonathan; Tuhkanen, Heidi; Odongo, Vincent Omondi; Boyland, Michael; Fiertz, Elizabeth Katja; Escobar, Marisa; Trujillo, Monica; Osano, Phillip
Language: English
Pubished By: Stockholm Environment Institute
Pubished date: 2021

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