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The Flood Resilience Measurement for Communities (FRMC)

This document provides detail on the conceptual framework behind the Flood Resilience Measurement for Community (FRMC) and explains how it is applied practically, including the software used. Over 110 communities in nine countries participated in the roll-out of the FRMC in the first five-year phase of the Zurich Flood Resilience Alliance. The Alliance collected over 1.24 million data points, which it has used to improve and streamline the FRMC further, refining both the framework and tool into an easy-to-use approach. As the Alliance we can now invite others to use the FRMC; so if your community needs to measure its flood resilience, see what the FRMC has to offer or you can contact us for more information:
Author: Zurich Flood Resilience Alliance
Language: English
Pubished By: Zurich Flood Resilience Alliance
Pubished date: February 2019

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