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The future we don’t want: how climate change could impact the world’s greatest cities

The Technical Report presents the work done by UCCRN for the Future We Don’t Want project. The Report contains results from the data analysis of six major global urban vulnerabilities to climate change based on several key hazards, as well as case studies that present examples of how cities are responding to these challenges. The report presents the background of the technical data analysis and an overview of the UCCRN Case Study Docking Station on which the case study analysis is based. The report then details each of the six vulnerabilities individually. An overarching headline finding for each is presented, along with a map of the global urban outlook for that vulnerability, and the methodology used to develop that information. Then, an overview of that particular vulnerability and the overall findings of the data analysis are discussed. For each impact area, three case study cities have been selected, highlighting examples of how urban decision-makers are experiencing and responding to that particular challenge. The report concludes with a summary and overall key messages for how cities can use this information to prepare for a changing climate.
Author: Acclimatise; C40 Cities Secretariat; Urban Climate Change Research Network
Language: English
Pubished By: C40 Cities Secretariat
Pubished date: 2018

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