The Global Flood Resilience Portal: introductory webinar

This webinar was hosted by the International Federation of the Red Cross on 9 October 2018. A must listen if you are new to the portal or interested in how it can help you build resilience. Firstly Felicitas Ledergerber (IFRC Geneva) introduces the Zurich Flood Resilience Alliance and the role of the flood resilience portal within in. Jessica Short (Practical Action and content manager) then goes into more detail on the specific components of the portal that help users build flood resilience where they live and work. Then hear from Jimena Cuevas Portilla (knowledge manager at Mexican Red Cross), Brenda Avila Flores (Mexican Red Cross) and Ian O’Donnell (leader of the One Billion Coalition for Resilience, IFRC Geneva): all of whom are users of the Flood Resilience Portal, to understand how it has helped them design community programmes, keep up to date on the latest information and share their own knowledge of flood resilience.
Language: English
Pubished By: The Flood Resilience Portal
Pubished date: October 2018

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