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The next frontier for disaster risk reduction: Tackling disasters in fragile and conflict-affected contexts

Disasters caused by natural hazards hit people living in fragile and conflict-affected contexts (FCAC) hardest. Between 2004 and 2014, 58% of deaths from disasters occurred in countries that are also among the top 30 most fragile states. Fragile and conflict-affected states typically have lower capacity to cope with natural hazards, and lower-income countries are more likely to suffer higher mortality and to require international assistance. Tackling disaster risk in FCAC should therefore be a priority for national governments and the international community alike. The task is both a moral imperative and an essential step towards achieving the ambitions set out under the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Making progress on DRR in FCAC requires systematic consideration of peace and conflict dynamics in DRR frameworks, policy, practice and monitoring systems. In that vein, the study makes several recommendations to key stakeholders, including the UN, development and humanitarian donors, non-governmental organisations and the academic community.
Author: Katie, Peters; Overseas Development Institute
Language: English
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Pubished date: October 2017

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