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The Small Island States Resilience Initiative: SISRI Knowledge Note No. 1. Small Island States Resilience Initiative

Small Island States include two-thirds of the countries that face the highest relative losses due to natural disasters, and these costs are growing. The Small Island States Resilience Initiative (SISRI), supported through the World Bank and GFDRR, is a global program established in response to calls by Small Island States for greater and more effective support to build their resilience. SISRI works through established procedures at the World Bank, while offering innovative and dedicated assistance specifically targeted at building resilience in Small Island States. The goal of SISRI is to support Small Island States in reducing climate and disaster risks to their populations, assets, ecosystems and economies. The expected results will be measured as follows: 1. Decreases in the population, key assets and ecosystems at risk; 2. Improvement in the country’s socio-economic resilience indicator; 3. Changes in average annualized losses relative to GDP; 4. Reduction in number of people affected by natural disasters.
Author: GFDRR
Language: English
Pubished By: The World Bank and Global Facility for Disaster Reduction and Recovery
Pubished date: 2016

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