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The value of flood-resilient architectural design

This policy note provides an overview of key considerations for the use of architectural design for flood risk mitigation in the UK. With the risk of flooding set to increase significantly due to climate change, the UK needs to consider how best to deal with flooding risk and examine whether new approaches could help minimise the damage to communities and infrastructure. To better manage and respond to flooding risks, the UK Government will need to work with the construction industry to adopt a new approach to decision-making and regulation. This should include: • Improving decision-making processes to address a broader range of factors and potential solutions to water management issues • Piloting 'Licenses for Innovation' to examine the effectiveness of new approaches to managing flood risk in new developments to flooding and ensuring all new buildings incorporate appropriate measures • Examining the potential for regulations on flood resilience to be linked to Flood Zone Designations through Building Regulations and planning policy • Regulating to ensure that all new developments in flood risk areas demonstrate reduced exposure and vulnerability to flood damage as well as broader benefits to the resilience of the local area • Encouraging greater uptake of flood-resilient design by home and building owners exposed to flood risk
Author: Royal Institute of British Architects
Language: English
Pubished By: RIBA
Pubished date: 2018

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