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Towards transformative action: The unfulfilled promise of resilient recovery

The climate crisis is causing more frequent and more severe disasters, trapping people in a spiral of loss, unable to recover and rebuild their lives before the next climate shock hits. Yet despite growing recovery needs, recovery efforts remain underfunded, and typically rebuild only to current conditions at best. This report asserts the need not only for a recovery that effectively brings a community back to the place they were before the disaster, but a recovery that is resilient – a recovery that harnesses climate science to account for changing, cascading, and compounded risks, that actively includes the most marginalised groups, and that considers all dimensions of social, physical, and environmental resilience. You can also read our ‘From risk to resilience: Enabling, elevating, and financing resilient recovery’ policy brief which outlines what effective resilient recovery can look like and makes recommendations for its implementation at the national and international level.

Norton, Rachel; Rosen Jacobson, Barbara; Venkateswaren, Kanmani; MacClune, Karen; Hillier, Debbie

Language: English
Published By: Zurich Flood Resilience Alliance
Published date: 2023

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