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Traditional knowledge for climate resilience in the Pacific Islands

Pacific Islands have been occupied by people for more than 3000 years during which time they experienced climate-driven environmental changes that challenged human survival and led to the evolution of place-based coping strategies expressed through traditional knowledge (TK). This paper reviews the nature of extant Pacific TK for coping with climate change, something that includes TK for anticipating climate change as well as ancillary TK associated with food and water security, traditional ecological knowledge, environmental conservation, and settlement and house construction that represent coping strategies. This paper proposes specific ways forward to optimize the utility of TK and ensure it has a realistic role in sustaining Pacific Island communities into the future.

D. Nunn, Patrick; Kumar , Roselyn; M. Barrowman, Hannah; et al

Language: English
Published By: WIREs climate change
Published date: 2024

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