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Transboundary Flood Resilience in Nepal and India

Communities in the Gandak/Narayani and Koshi river basins along the Nepal-India border are closely linked not only by cultural and socio-economic ties, but by shared vulnerability to meteorological stressors. These communities are largely inhabited by marginalized groups struggling with poverty. With few income generating options available, most rely on farming to survive, but when floods disrupt their sole livelihood, they have little means to recover. Through the Transboundary Flood Resilience (TBR) project, Lutheran World Relief (LWR) together with local and international partners are assisting communities located along the India Nepal border to better prepare for and strengthen their resilience to the devastating effects of annual flooding. That is to say the programme is helping these communities build their capacities to absorb the impacts of flooding, to adapt to change, and to potentially transform, in a manner that enables them to achieve and maintain their development results.
Author: Lutheran World Relief
Language: English
Pubished By: Lutheran World Relief
Pubished date: February 2019

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