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Urban Flood Risk Management:A Tool for Integrated Flood Management

This paper aims to bring the different aspects of urban flood risks together under the umbrella of a risk management approach that aims to explain urban flood risks as well as to show possibilities of how they can be managed successfully. It will be argued that only the combination of spatial, technical and organizational measures will lead to a more sustainable and effective management of urban flood risks. Based on this holistic paradigm this paper is structured into three main chapters. By referring to two basic concepts of urban water and flood management chapter two provides a conceptual framework for the following chapters. Chapter three examines causes and impacts of urban flood risk by distinguishing clearly between its several constituent components. Finally, chapter four can be read as a general guideline towards the integrated management of urban flood risk. Concrete measures as well as organizational requirements are discussed in this chapter in order to illustrate the most important options and steps towards the development of flood risk management plans in cities. This publication is part of the Flood Management Tools Series being compiled by the Associated Programme on Flood Management. The contained Tool for Urban Flood Management is based on available literature, and draws findings from relevant works wherever possible. This Tool addresses the needs of practitioners and allows them to easily access relevant guidance materials. The Tool is considered as a resource guide/material for practitioners and not an academic paper. References used are mostly available on the Internet and hyperlinks are provided in the References section.
Language: English
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Pubished date: 2008

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