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Urban resilience in Bangladesh: Integrating local and national planning processes

Bangladesh is often referred to as the “ground zero for climate change”. The topography and location of the country make it highly prone to extreme weather events, including cyclones, floods, salinity intrusion and storm surges. Socio-economic factors, such as a strong dependence on agriculture and other resource-dependent sectors, and a high population density and poverty rate, contribute further to the country’s vulnerability. This policy brief outlines why supporting local climate action in Bangladesh is critical to achieve national and international climate change and development commitments. It discusses existing national policies and tools that support local resilience, and recommends how national government can accelerate local climate action.
Author: Rashid, Md. Jubaer; Sadhukhan, Bedoshruti; Rashid, Najiba
Language: English
Pubished By: Climate and Development Knowledge Network
Pubished date: March 2021

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