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Urbanising Disaster Risk

The study proposes a number of policy options for the Urban Poor Poverty Reduction Working Group (led by Phnom Penh Municipality and UNICEF) and Joint Action Group for DRR to consider: Mainstream DRR into urban plan­ning so that urban development does not increase the vulnerability of urban poor populations, Implement regulations that limit the negative environmental im­pacts of rapid urban development, including the rigorous application and enforcement of Environmen­tal Impact Assessments (EIAs), Increase the capacity of hard infra­structure, such as piped water cov­erage and drainage systems, and/or rehabilitate ecosystems such as wetlands to attenuate flood waters in peri-urban areas, Mainstream community-based WASH into DRR programmes, so that flood waters are not contami­nated with human waste in areas not serviced by sewerage systems and Develop appropriate DRR inter­ventions through participatory processes that recognise the spe­cific context of hazards, vulner­abilities and capacities related to urban poor settlements.
Author: Ben Flower; Matt Fortnam
Language: English
Pubished By: People in Need
Pubished date: 2015

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