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Users and Producers of CIS in sub-Saharan Africa: Exploring Roles and Needs

This webinar addresses two key emerging issues in the field of climate information services (CIS): 1) what we know and don't know about the users of CIS and their climate information needs; and 2) what role NGOs, as increasingly important actors in the field, can play in the production, communication and uptake of that information. Findings from two papers are shared: Identifying Climate Information Services Users and Their Needs in sub-Saharan Africa: A Learning Agenda, which was written under the Mercy Corps-led, USAID-funded Climate Information Services Research Initiative. Climate services for resilience: the changing roles of NGOs in Burkina Faso and Ethiopia, which was supported by the BRACED programme. Participants explore a proposed learning agenda for identifying and filling knowledge gaps related to CIS users and their needs, and the role of NGOs in meeting those needs.
Language: English
Pubished By: BRACED, CISRI
Pubished date: February 2018

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