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Wading Out the Storm : The Role of Poverty in Exposure, Vulnerability and Resilience to Floods in Dar Es Salaam (English)

Dar es Salaam is frequently affected by severe flooding causing destruction and impeding daily life of its 4.5 million inhabitants. In this context, a better understanding of current flood risks and consequences on the livelihoods and well-being of the population is highly policy relevant. This note provides new insights into the consequences of floods in Dar es Salaam, based on two rounds of survey conducted as part of the Tanzanian Urban Resilience Program (TURP). The results show that more people than previously thought are exposed to floods in Dar es Salaam and that the poor are disproportionately affected. This note focused in particular on the interplay between poverty and flood risks. It explores first the role of poverty in exposure – who is affected by floods? –, then in vulnerability – how much do people lose in floods? – and finally in socioeconomic resilience – to what extent are the affected people able to cope with and recover from floods in the city of Dar es Salaam?
Author: Erman, Alvina Elisabeth; Obolensky, Marguerite Anne Beatrice; Hallegatte, Stephane
Language: English
Pubished By: World Bank Group
Pubished date: July 2019

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