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Words into Action guidelines – Disaster displacement: How to reduce risk, address impacts and strengthen resilience

Forced displacement is one of the most common and immediate impacts of disasters. Facilitating people’s movement to avoid their exposure to life-threatening situations via evacuations or planned relocations is one of the most effective ways of reducing mortality and injury. Having to flee one’s home, however, particularly when return is not possible for an extended period, tends to increase humanitarian needs and expose people to other significant risks linked to their displacement. This Words into Action guide offers practical guidance to help government authorities integrate disaster displacement and other related forms of human mobility into regional, national, sub-national and local DRR strategies in accordance with Target (E) of the Sendai Framework, to revise or develop DRR strategies by 2020. It provides basic background information and highlights the various roles DRR and DRM can play in reducing, preparing for and responding to disaster displacement.
Author: United Nations Office for Disaster Risk Reduction
Language: English
Pubished By: UNDRR
Pubished date: 2019

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