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Working with the community: Conducting Participatory Action Research A handbook for facilitators in Vanuatu and the Solomon Islands

This handbook is part of the outcome of the study Participatory Action Research A gender-sensitive approach to Disaster Risk Reduction in the Solomon Islands and Vanuatu . The participatory action research was supported by DIPECHO as part of a multi-hazard community-based disaster risk reduction project implemented by the French Red Cross. The handbook gives insight into the course of the PAR and provides information on experiences made and on tools used by the participants during this research. The handbook is intended for VRC/SIRC practitioners planning to use PAR in the future, and who are likely to face similar challenging conditions and circumstances. It provides a menu of tools that can be prioritized. It is not intended as an implementation guide or a this is the way toolkit. Furthermore, this handbook is designed for a possible replication by the VRC/SIRC in other communities who are or will be part of the TBR project. It is meant to be a living document; in succession, future experiences, best practices, do s and don ts can be added. The selection of the tools was based on their applicability within communities that feature very low literacy rates as well as communication problems due to different languages of community members as well as of facilitators.
Author: French Red Cross
Language: English
Pubished By: French Red Cross
Pubished date: 2012

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