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Flooding and communicable diseases fact sheet: Risk assessment and preventive measures

Presenta los riesgos de las enfermedades transmitidas por el agua en contexto de desastres producidos por inundaciones....

Case Studies on mitigating disasters in Asia and the Pacific, Demonstration Housing Construction for Landslide and Flood Prone Areas A case study from Ratnapura, Sri Lanka

Relocation and resettlement of the families affected by floods and landslides that occurred during May 2003 in Ratnapura, Sri Lanka, forms the backdrop for this case study.Several public and private sector organisations including the NGOs were involved in this effort. SLUMDMP con...

Temporary Shelter for Tsunami Victims

Process guidelines offer a selection of tools for designing, planning and implementing. It aims to assist individuals, local and international development organisations and other agencies as a guide to the natural, social, institutional and operational issues in housing and housi...

Emergency Preparedness Plans: Technical Brief

This document addresses the emergency preparedness plans that resulted from the experience carried out in the emergency preparedness project in Peru....

Manufacturing the Donkey Cart and Ambulance

Practical Action has also been helping with the development of the donkey cart ambulance and has worked with manufacturers in both North Darfur and Damazin. Many people living in rural areas find it very difficult to access health centers or hospitals when they are ill. It is hop...